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Larry Stokes N7IBC

Picture of Larry Stokes N7IBC
Larry Stokes is a 32 year veteran of law enforcement in both Nevada and Idaho.

Most of his career was spent in rural law enforcement patrol, deputy coroner, tactical operations, criminal investigations supervisor and later more administrative operations, including duties as a Chief of Police in Nevada, then later on as the Interim Chief of Police in McCall, Idaho.

While working in law enforcement, Larry also spent approximately 13 years in the volunteer fire service in Nevada as a medical first responder, fire fighter, hazardous materials responder and worked with Search and Rescue, communications operations and then planning.

He retired in June 2016 as the Senior Patrol Sergeant for the McCall Police Department. He is a member of the Valley County Sheriff's Search and Rescue and is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Valley County Sheriff's Office but working only in the back country of Valley County.

Prior to his law enforcement career, Larry was in the U.S. Air Force for 7 years in the Security Police field in Nuclear Security and communications. That was where he received his first experiences with HF radio, listening and later talking to the B-52 Nuclear loaded aircraft on airborne patrol in extremely distant areas of the globe. As a 19 year old kid, that was about the most exciting thing he had ever done which later led to his Amateur Radio interest.

He got his Amateur Radio Novice license, KB6LRY in 1984 in California, then moved to Nevada where he got his Technician license and then his General Class license in 1987, changing his call sign to K7COP.

He got involved with the Elko County RACES program in Nevada in 1988 via what was at the time, the Nevada Military Reserve. The Elko County RACES program assisted the local Nevada Division of Forestry offices with communications on range fires by providing logistical support operations.

After moving to McCall, Idaho in 1998 Larry changed his call sign to his current one of N7IBC. Larry became involved with the Idaho RACES/ARES program which has mostly evolved into the ARES program. Last year, in June 2016, Mike Meier, WB7RBH coerced Larry into taking on the Idaho ARES SEC, (Section Emergency Coordinator) position when Mike fully retired and Larry retired from law enforcement.

Larry spends most of his Amateur Radio time on the HF bands, chasing DX and is the repeater trustee for the Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club, based out of McCall, Idaho.
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