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Jake Gier NF7T

Picture of Jake Gier NF7T

Licensed in 1991 as N7VIV

Upgraded to General in 2001

Upgraded to Extra in 2007 and got the vanity call NF7T.

Conducted ham radio classes at Vallivue High School, and Capital High School.

I am the K7VHS Vallivue High School ARC trustee.

Very active in contesting all bands using CW, RTTY, PSK, Feld Hell ( Hellschreiber ), SSB.

I own two Yaesu Fusion repeaters. One with Wires-X node, and one with Allstar node and Echolink node.

Fusion Digital Presentation,

1. What is C4FM Fusion Digital
2. How does it compare with analog FM
3. Wires-X
4. Fusion Repeaters
5. What are rooms and how do you navigate them
6. Sending and receiving texts and pictures
7. Radios available to get involved
8. Distances covered with Fusion amazing audio
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updated 3-9-17