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Paul Verhage KD4STH
Picture of Paul Verhage KD4STH
Paul Verhage is a former USAF officer and high school science teacher at the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center. He completed his doctorate in education at the University of Kansas where his thesis investigated the effects that a BalloonSat project has on grade 7-10 students in their attitude toward science.

Paul has spent the last 19 years launching 160 near space flights in eight states. He spends his time spreading the BalloonSat message across this and several other states and even a few other countries. He has given BalloonSat workshops, written 170 articles on near space, designed electronic circuits for robotics and near space, written one book, and will complete a second book specifically on BalloonSats in the future. His activities can be monitored on his website,
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updated 3-9-17