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MVARC Last Man Standing contest

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MVARC will be participating in the upcoming Idaho State Convention in Boise April 21, 22 and 23.
MVARC will be sponsoring a CW Contest on Saturday afternoon. This will be a "last man standing" competition and should be a lot of fun.
First prize is a custom made CW key donated by Kelly, K7SU.
Look at the KEY!
Second prize is an $80 gift certificate from HRO.

Third prize..$40 HRO Gift Cert.

Each competitor will receive a raffle ticket for each level of successful competition.

The last two successful candidates will win 1st or 2nd Prize. The third prize will go to the holder of the ticket drawn. (First and second prize winners will not be competing in the drawing).

The CW Contest will be a RECEIVE ONLY contest. Code will be computer generated by CW-Type and will be played over a PA system. There will be no headphones. There will be no sending.

We are looking forward to this and hope you will all come to the convention and make it a success.

MVARC will also have a booth this year. We will have a slide show presentation of our club events, pictures of our EMCOM and Tower trailers and other pictures. We will have brochures about the club to hand out. This will not be a booth to garner members but rather to promote our club and show those attending what MVARC has been up to. We also hope to feature some home brew items made by some of our members. If you have a home brew item you would like displayed please contact Steve Hagerty, K7WKR. We would also like to get a list of those from MVARC attending if you could possibly spare an hour or two to help "man" the booth. Please contact Steve for that also.

MVARC wants to help the convention become a great success this year. It is a great asset to the amateur radio population in the state and we need to support it.

Thanks for your help.
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updated 3-9-17