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Presentors/Seminars and Projects

Presenters Seminars Day/Room Time Description
Meet & Greet ARRL Guests Bridging the Gap Saturday 0900-0950 Silverhorn & Ponderosa K5UR
Paul Verhage KD4STH Balloon Sats, STEM, Ham Radio Saturday 1100-1150 Peregrine KD4STH
Dan Marler K7REX D Star Saturday 1000-1050 Ponderosa K7REX
John Kernkamp WB4YJT The Decibel - What it is and how we use it Saturday 1500-1550 Alpine
Bob Wells KF7TWO OEM, RACES, ARES Saturday 1100-1150 Silverhorn
Dan Woodall N7DKW Hamnet ARES Saturday 1600-1650 Ponderosa
Dan Woodall N7DKW Idaho ARES Forum Friday 1700-1850 Brundage
Larry Telles K6SPP Software Defined Radio Saturday 1100-1150 Ponderosa
Mike Dunlap K7MYU Worshipping The Sun Saturday 1000-1050 Peregrine K7MYU
Don Lynn ND7L Bridging local Ham Gaps with new & used programs and venues Saturday 1000-1050 Alpine
Ed Stuckey AI7H EmComm Forum Saturday 1000-1050 Silverhorn
Jim Pace K7CEX ARRL Forum Saturday 1300-1350 Peregrine
Ed Stuckey AI7H Lightning protection for the Amateur Radio Station Saturday 1400-1450 Alpine AI7H
Jim Fenstermaker K9JF ARRL's Future as the Leader of Ham Radio Saturday 1600-1650 Alpine
Larry Telles K6SPP Build a $400 Station Saturday 1300-1350 Alpine
Jerry Todd Water Filtration and Storage Saturday 1600-1650 Peregrine PHD Preparedness
Larry Stokes N7IBC & Al Duddles WA7GSK Saturday Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Saturday 1300-1450 Ponderosa N7IBC
Ben Ealey, Idaho OEM NextNet Saturday 1300-1350 Silverhorn Ben Ealey
Don Clower KA7T DX basics & more Saturday 1100-1150 Allpine
Jake Gier NF7T Fusion Digital Saturday 1500-1550 Ponderosa NF7T
HPBARC Build a 2 meter 3 element 1/4 wavelength Yagi Antenna
Friday afternoon after the 50 Amp 100 VDC Meter build project
Friday 1530-1700 Peregrine HPBARC
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club K7MVA Last man standing (CW) contest Saturday 1400-1550 Peregrine K7MVA
Idaho State Convention Build a 50Amp 100VDC Meter,
self contained, in a project box
Friday 1330-1500 Peregrine ISC 50A Meter
Bois State University STEM Sunday 0900 - 0950 Silverhorn & Ponderosa
FORUM Tower & Antenna Forum Sunday 1000 - 1100 Silverhorn & Ponderosa

  Especially for non-hams, but all are welcome (you must be registered at the convention to attend.)  

Linda Bickham Ham Lingo for the Unlicensed and Barely Interested Do you wonder what those strange terms mean? Do you wonder why a Ham is called a "Ham"? Do you wonder if you're a YL? Come and find out in a quick and lighthearted tour through Ham radio-speak. Saturday 3:00-3:50PM Silverhorn
Leslie Walt Grown-up Sitting-down Games for Car and Couch Are you ready for something new to do while you're road tripping? Or how to have a good evening with your friends without charades? Come and learn to play more than a dozen games to play with 2 or more people, no running around and no equipment needed. Saturday 4:00-4:50PM Silverhorn
Leslie Walt Origami Stationery Learn to fold paper into interesting invitations, card holders and envelopes. No prior experience required. Materials included. No fee. Sunday 9:30 - 11
at the Registration Desk
Registration Desk
Mary Ann's Cupboard Roadside Sanitation How do you deal with sanitation while traveling, camping, or in an emergency? How do you wash hands, bathe, deal with bathroom issues and so on with a minimum of water and supplies? Do you know a cool travel hack for a potty stop when there's no potty? You will know what to do and how to do it after this talk. Saturday 2:00-2:50PM Silverhorn
Linda Dunlap Crafting Drop-in session Several projects are available in painting, stenciling and "found art". You will receiev all required materials and personal instruction. Each project will take an hour or less to complete and will be ready to take with you when you leave. $5 per project, paid at the session. No experience necessary. Come and create! Make one project or several, come and go on your own schedule.
Picture of Pin Pot Picture of bird house Picture of clip board Picture of Plant Pot
Friday afternoon 1:00-4:00PM Ponderosa
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